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Where one re-learns that the person (or the people) who "make" the wine, are as much a part of the "terroir" as any other component.

Qui impariamo (di nuovo) che la persona (o la gente) che "fanno" il vino, sono altrettanto parte del "terroir" quanto ogni altro degli altri elementi.

Bravo, Giuseppe! If you managed to impress Terry & Co., you must have done something right. (se sei riuscito ad accattivarti Terry etc., vuol dire che sai fare le cose bene)

Congrats Strappo...

Love, Love, Love those wines!

Good move, Strapps

Strappo, just seeing this now. Thanks for the shout out! So glad I could connect you... I LOVE THOSE WINES!

JP, I vow that, when we get our first shipment, I will give you a goodly sample of these wines, whatever you prefer. If not for Do Bianchi -- and your DM to me -- I'd never have heard of L'Arco or Luca Fedrigo. Thank you from all of us, because we too love these wines.

After I had seen Luca for the first time, a mere two weeks or so after your enticing account of your tasting, I was driving to Piemonte. I stopped at an Autogrill and sent my partners a second email about Luca's wines. More than interesting, I wrote, "these wines are thrilling."

It's quite rare to receive such a powerful impression. My taste memory is pretty strong; these wines kept on revealing themselves, it seemed, for hours. The Rubeo, especially, blew me way with its size, its astonishing balance, its rather exotic blend and its utter lusciousness. I think of it and start to drool for some fine Veronese horsemeat. (Joke.) Make that a big, rare beefsteak.

We can't wait till the wine comes in and WE can buy a bunch of it for ourselves. What better wines to serve with big, rich holiday meals on cold winter nights!

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