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As you well know I do not have a life, but I am not with you on this one, sorry...
I truly believe that, if it were truly necessary, a few people like yourself, Ken, Joel Mack (@vintrospective), Jeremy Parzen (@DoBianchi), Doug Cook (@ablegrape) or Matt of Wine Bottega (just to mention a few names off the top of my head), could do way more, better and cheaper for Italy and its wines than any of those inbred quasi Italian government-sponsored fossils who have been wasting their scarce brain cells on that yearly non-event.
Good riddance to Vino 2012 through 2112, I say. You shall NOT be missed by those who really love making or drinking good wine.

Well, I do that the Vino20xx thing was a boondoggle of great proportions. I'll leave the colorful desertion to you!

And thanks for the kind words, Zietto.

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